Nofollow links can bring traffic and increase brand exposure

Links from many high-traffic websites are set to nofollow. While they may not contribute to your website’s PageRank directly, they can be a great source of traffic when people click through to visit your site. (The visitors who arrive at your site via a link from a different website are called Referrals in Google Analytics.)

Think of news websites and social media channels: If your website is linked in a New York Times article, for example, the reference can be great exposure for your brand. Also consider the benefit of viral exposure across social media or upvotes of a Reddit answer linking to your resource. A link from Facebook or Reddit will not directly increase your PageRank, but you could end up with a great source of traffic and brand exposure. Marketer Neil Patel saw [almost 10,000 referral visits from Quorain one month, for example.

How that traffic then engages with your site can have an impact on your rankings, even if you don’t get any “link juice.” Search engines consider more than just a website’s backlink profile when assessing its value. People spending time on your site, clicking through, and sharing pages can all make a difference.

Nofollow links can help grow your dofollow links.

The exposure you gain from links on popular sites can bring greater awareness. As more people hear of you, the chances you’ll gain dofollow links organically increase. Neil Patel’s traffic from Quora that we mentioned above has likely resulted in more fans and followers of his blog, which may, in turn, lead to more links to his content.
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