Name three things to avoid while executing a brand marketing

Here are the most important aspects that a brand strategy should avoid

  1. Not researching competitors enough – When competitors are not researched well, a brand may offer the same message. This can affect a brand in attracting customers.
  2. No long-term brand vision – A brand’s long term mission statement is important for a brand marketer to understand and align objectives. Short term goals may not work at all times.
  3. Not having a clear understanding of user persona – Clear understanding of target user segment and their pain point, attitude, behaviour is foundational to building and executing a great brand strategy

A brand marketing strategy is successful only when:

  1. The purpose of the brand is clear.
  2. The target market is well-researched.
  3. Create the right message for the intended audience.
  4. Brand guidelines are created well.
  5. All competitors are researched.