My personal interview experience

My personal interview experience

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my experience of my interview. I got selected for the role of dataengineer in company .

There were 3 rounds happens in total

Techincal _ L1
Techincal+ business communication _ L2
Hr round

The communication or General questions asked in both rounds:

Tell me about your self ?
Take me through your profile/ resume ?
What’s your graduation %?
How do you see yourself in next five years?
Why you wanted to study Datascience what actually is Datascience?
Difference between data analyst data engineer and Data engineer?
How you manage your time?
If your provided with this oppurtunity how you manage work ?
Can you work on various projects at once?
Ready to relocate ?
Ready to work on shifts?
When can you start the work?
If your given an unknown technology will you work on it?
If we give role of data analyst and your desired Position is dataengineer can you work on it?
What other coding language you know other than python?
Rate yourself in SQL , Tableau, Python,

I would suggest that before interviewer asks tell what you actually know and can see answer so questions will be asked on resume itself not out of that. If your saying the things which you don’t know and he asks it will become a problem. Make the interviewer believe that you can handle any situation and work . Even can learn new things

Technical questions

About project explanation.
Hlookup vlookup difference
Dashboarding questions on pivot charts

You areTableau
Difference between heat and tree map
What is parameter.
Sets and groups
Difference between twx and twbx file
Different data types
Blending and joining


Importing database
Questions on DDL DML DCL DQL TCL
What is trunc used for ? Not truncate function
What is first_value used
Floor and ceiling
If you want only date from data and time how would you do that?
What is Regexp?
Update insert alter truncate create
How you retrieve data which is the language and what statement is used (DCL select)
Is it possible to construct a dataengineering model using SQL? Without help of anyother tools
What server your using ( MYSQL or something else)
Trim function
Groupby order by


What is data manipulation
What’s is the process you followed for doing project
What’s the conclusion of that.
What visualization libraries used and what’s the use of them
List and tuples
How to add extra column
Difference data types in python.
Append extend
How do you add elements

Maths& statistics

What’s variance
What’s is variable
Covariance correlation
Standard deviation average
hypotheses testing null and alternate

Machine learning

Classification methods
Projects done and questions on it
What is third type reinforcement and what’s its used for
Test train split
What is fscore
Roc curve
Knowing about any one project and it’s explanation is so helpful

Questions on data engineering

What’s ETL process
Just brief about dataengineering is good

first round 30min
Second round 50min

How I prepared

First I have studied module wise and all basic questions in every module it helped me a lot

I won’t say answered everything 80% of questions and I answered. Which we don’t know just make sure you have some idea about the question you don’t know also and be very confident even if your telling the answer wrong say it loud
At last even question was asked any questions you wanted to ask ? Make sure you atleast ask a question for interviewer

I asked how actually the work flow in the company and your experience into analytics?

After this I felt it’s not that easy to crack a interview and get a job. And being confident is most important thing. Never loose hope . Keep trying someday for sure our hardwork paysoff . Waiting for interview results tests our patience . Even a mail pops up we feel its like some news from interviewer keep searching for oppurtunities on linkedin and be active on it connect to Hr direct and ask them for oppurtunities. So many won’t get back some atleast respond.