ML Automation in Diagnosis:

Are robots – the health care system’s future?

Primarily, imagine that an individual is affected by a deadly disease, if that person is diagnosed by a robot and he’s getting well and therefore the probability of saving his life is on the mark and during this increasing day be day population, new diseases also take birth every day, the power of AI to support various aspects of the health sector becomes a serious leap which will produce prevention strategies and treatment approaches that are far more efficient and effective, including reducing the value of medical aid. Even so, some doctors believe that although AI can do a lot of things, AI cannot assume the role of human interaction.

Robots to replace doctors?

Robots that are equipped with AI technology and Machine learning can analyze someone’s messy record data before operating. During the operation, the surgeon will be guided and directed by the robot. AI ROBOTS are meant to execute repetitive and tedious activities so that human doctors may devote their time and energy to situations that require human decision-making skills, creativity, and, most importantly, care and empathy.

Robotics in health care:

Robots are designed to practice and do personalized tasks for humans, AI Robots that are designed for detecting disease can scan existing medications which will be redesigned to fight disease. the utilization of AI to predict cancer patients is to get information in a person’s DNA. A body scan will be performed by RobotAI to detect tumors and disorders caused by their DNA.