Middle Level Human Resource Jobs

HR professionals in their mid-career play a critical role in assisting and motivating employees. They hold training sessions, motivational seminars, leadership programmes and deal with employee pay, advancement, and growth. The following are the many job profiles in the Mid-level HR hierarchy:

  • Senior Executive HR: Senior Executive HR is in charge of monitoring the recruitment process, developing business policies, setting goals, and assisting the HR staff in developing our employer brand strategy.

  • Executive HR: The HR Executive is in charge of developing referral programmes, updating HR rules, and supervising our hiring procedures.

  • HR Administrator: Human Resources Administrators are in charge of organizing and maintaining personnel records, updating internal databases, and preparing documents such as employment contracts and new hire manuals.

  • Staffing Manager: Staffing Managers are in charge of the company’s real staffing needs and recruiting, training, and keeping employees.

  • Human Resource Safety Manager: The Human Resources Safety Manager is in charge of establishing and implementing human resources plans and procedures for all corporate employees and training employees and supervisors to adhere to the organization’s safety culture