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Mention some of the reports in Google Analytics

Mention some of the reports in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a tool which will provide invaluable insights into what’s happening on your website, your levels of traffic and engagement, and therefore the success of your campaigns.
With the proper use of reports, you can see what parts of your site do well and what parts could use improvement.
GA reports are broadly divided into two parts :

  • Standard reports: which are the preset reports including segments Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions.
  • Custom reports: which may either be created completely from scratch with whatever data you would like to collect or created based on a standard report, with additional segments or filters added to customize the report back to your needs.
  • Channels report: tells you about how are your audiences finding you/ your content, what proportion of your traffic is coming from specific paid versus unpaid channels- organic, paid, direct, referral, and even social media.
  • Landing Page report: Which content piece is performing in a good way in terms of traffic, engagement, and conversion. Information like what percentage goal conversions are gained from the primary page, you’ll also see what percentage people land on your page and interact together with your site versus those that leave directly.
  • Goal report: You have set up a goal within GA to report and measure conversions such as form submissions and downloads, to track as goals. This report gives us the power to work out what questions users have and what percentage goal conversions certain pages are driving.
  • New vs. Returning Visitors report: Tells you about what percentage of your users are returning to your site. Returning visitors tend to stay around longer and have lower bounce rates. Helps to analyse what this audience is doing and think about how their behaviour can influence your actual business decisions.
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