MBA Interview preparation - Justify your academics

Question: Have you justified your academic ability in light of the marks scored till now?

I have secured X CGPA in 10th withY% in 12th followed by Z CGPA in undergraduate. At first glance, it does seem to be a good record and I am happy with whatever I have achieved to date and would want to continue with the same at XYZ B-School.

However, having said that, I would want to perform even better. The drive to learn something new every day propels me to achieve even more. One can never be satisfied with their academic knowledge and the attitude of being a learner is essential to growing further in one’s career.

The learner’s attitude keeps one humble and rooted and thus it is essential that we follow this to not just learn but also to stay rooted which is essential in life to reach the lofty realms of the corporate ladder

Justify your academics .” is one of those questions many aspirants dread to be asked in an interview.

The reason for their dread is that this question can break the whole interview rhythm and can derail their chances of going into their dream B-school.

But the simple ways to answer this question is are follow -

Case 1: If your grades are declining and you have done some extra “Presentable” items (such as good projects) that add to your resume, you can emphasize those that overshadow your grades.

Case 2: If you have done something that is not required by the interviewer’s firm, emphasize how you had spent your time preparing for the technical/whatever field you are in, how active you are in extra/management activities, and how you ended yourself sitting in front of the gentleman.

Case 3: You haven’t done anything, but you’ve been chosen for an interview. Grades shouldn’t be used as a criterion for your intelligence; instead, they should assure him that you do things that appeal to you wholeheartedly and should be given a chance.