MBA Interview experience - IIM Lucknow ABM

Candidate profile

Name - Rohit Kumar Singhvi

Graduation - B.Sc. Biology

Experience - 0 months

Details -

The interview was online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There was no GD-WAT before the PI round.

There were two panelists, Both male.

Only one invigilator asked me the questions, and other invigilators kept silent throughout the interview.

The interview started by invigilator by asking, “Tell me about yourself.”

I answered the prepared answer.

Then, he cross-questioned me about something related to my bachelor’s.

I answered accordingly.

He then asked questions related to my graduation subjects like botany and chemistry.

I answered whatever I knew.

He then asked me about current affairs.

I answered that I had read about the farm laws and Union budget.

He then asked me questions about some fundamental questions related to the Union budget.

I answered accordingly.

He then asked me, “Two problems you feel about farm laws.”

I answered and said in regards to the redressal system and non-mention of MSPs.

He then started hackling me on my comment regarding farmers having very little legal knowledge. He started making comments about my time in Kota while preparing for competitive exams.

I stayed calm and tried to remain firm on my stand.

He then aggravated me by speaking in Hindi and passing angry remarks.

I remained calm and tried to diffuse the dispute.

The interview ended here.

Result - Selected.

The Interviewee is an Economics graduate from SRCC, studying in the last year of his undergraduate with stellar academics.

The interview panel consisted of 3 members, 2 Male and a female. The first question was the usual introduction question. The interviewer interrupted in between and asked Wouldn’t it be appropriate for a candidate like you to get some work experience and then join an MBA program. The question was answered properly mentioning all the points about how doing an MBA being a fresher would help. The interviewer seemed satisfied. Next, they asked about their favorite subject. Financial Markets was the reply, following which there were a string of questions like “what is the CAPM model?”, “What is a P/E ratio and how is it useful to determine whether to invest in a company or not”, “What is Capital Budgeting? This is followed by why NPV is a better method than IRR? The interview was completely technical up until this point. The lady interviewer then asked which were the other calls receive and asked if given a choice between IIM Indore and IIM Lucknow, which one would be chosen and why?. The answer was given based on the research done for the institute. The interview went on for about 25-30 minutes.