MATLAB vs. Python

Difference between MATLAB vs. Python

Below are the important difference between Python and MATLAB.

Sr. No Python MATLAB
1. Python is a general-purpose, user-friendly programming language which is developed in portable in ANSI C. MALTAB is a language as well as commercial numeric computing environment.
2. Python comes with the most important libraries: numpy, scipy, pyOpenGI, matplotlib, visvis, pygame, etc. MATLAB comes with an advanced toolkit like image processing, statistics, optimization, etc.
3. It provides real-time support. It doesn’t provide real-time support.
4. Python has the several built-in data types that can be used to accomplish number of tasks. MATLAB is an array-focused language. It treats most data types as array of some array.
5. Python has excellent community support across the world. MATLAB doesn’t have supportive community as Python.
6. It includes a broad standard library. It doesn’t contain bland programming functionality.
7. In terms of performance, Python is much efficient to perform a task. It is more expressive and readable programming language. MATLAB is a less expressive and less efficient language than the Python. But it provides more readable graphical capabilities than Python.
8. Python works on the 0-based indexing which means an array or list indexing starts from the 0. On the other hand, MATLAB supports the one-based indexing which is quit helpful in vectors and matrices.
9. Python offers us completely open environment so that anyone can use and contribute it. MATLAB is specially designed for numerical investigation, graphical visualization, etc.
10. Python has a stunning iterative loop structure. MATLAB has the worst iterative loop structure.