Machine learning visualization

how to plot negative values in bar graph if the data is given in dataset.?

First select your chart , then click on the Vertical Axis and press CTRL+1 to bring up the Format Axis dialog box. Then choose the Custom Category from the Number section. Then in the Format Code box, add a negative sign ‘-’ and press the Add button.

Whatever output or insights you are getting out of a machine learning model, you could represent these outputs as simple numbers or as a visualization. Visuals allows us to better understand insights and allow communicate these insights to other people.

Machine learning basically is tree decision, clustering method that you have ton of data and don’t know what to do with this so you throw all to the magic box and it tell you what to do by doing clustering, multi layer decision or deep learning.

Then how do you know the magic box do right or wrong or how so do know you just made a good magic box → data visualization, by doing label on sampling or just simple plot the data you can validate and fine tunning your magic box