Look to Your Managers for Assistance

A company that values its employees should offer career development resources. “Companies who put an emphasis on career development and employee upskilling will have a leg up on the competition both in their industry and when it comes to employee satisfaction,” Hendrickson said.

“Being upfront and honest can lead to more opportunities.”

Once you’ve developed your short- and long-term game plans, ask your leadership what they can do to get you there. It will show your employer that you’re invested in becoming the best employee you can be.

There are a variety of ways that your company can help you grow. Benefit packages can include a stipend or reimbursement for online courses or graduate degrees, Wu said. Some companies also host lunch and learn events or educational sessions that focus on building relevant skills. If there are training or development resources you’d like to see that your company doesn’t provide, bring it up to your manager and explain how it can make you a better employee.

“Say you’re a developer, but you’re really interested in data science,” said Matt Jackson, Salesforce developer at Chicago-based software company LaunchPad Lab. “If you let your manager know it’s something you’re passionate about, they might be able to find an AI or predictive analytics project that you could work on. Being upfront and honest can lead to more opportunities.”