List the most popular local SEO ranking factors

1. Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a huge part of local SEO. Many people will find your business for the first time because of your My Business listing and decide whether to become a customer.

Optimize for this local SEO factor by claiming your listing. An owner-verified listing is one of the factors that will help improve your My Business ranking. You want to claim ownership of your My Business listing so you can include all the information potential customers need.

You can claim your listing by searching for it on Google Business Profile. You can find your business listed on the page and claim it. If you don’t see your business listed, you can make your own listing.

2. Keywords

Keywords are another important local search ranking factor.

If you are trying to rank for a particular keyword, you need to show search engines that your site is a relevant result for it. This requires including that keyword on the page you want to rank.

Search engines use crawlers to analyze each of your pages and determine what they’re about. Keywords are an essential part of this because they determine which searches your pages have the chance to rank for.

3. Links

Links play an important role in boosting your website’s rankings in organic search results, which makes them another local SEO ranking factor.

When another site links to yours, it drives traffic and signals to search engines that the site trusts you.

The quality of these links has a huge impact on your rankings. When high quality sites link to yours, this tells search engines that your site is also trustworthy and reputable. This boost in credibility helps improve your rankings.
It also helps to obtain links from relevant publications in your industry. This increases your authority in your particular industry and builds your credibility. When you are viewed as an authority, more people trust your business and the quality of your work.
Although they have less of an impact, outbound links can also influence your rankings. These are the links on your pages that direct users to other websites.

4. User experience

The way users interact with your site can affect your rankings. Their behavior sends signals to Google that indicate whether or not your site is helpful for visitors.

While all these factors don’t directly impact your ranking, they do focus on a positive user experience. You want to provide users with a positive experience to ensure that they spend more time on your page. When users spend more time on your page, it can lead to positive outcomes.