List out the tools for administering the database

The following are some of the products, tools, and utilities that we utilise as Database Administrators to achieve our objectives:

  • The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) is a programme that instals Oracle software and options. It can start the Database Configuration Assistant to set up a database automatically.

  • Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA): The Database Configuration Assistant builds a database using Oracle-supplied templates or our own custom templates. It allows us to transfer a preset seed database in this situation, saving time and effort over designing and creating a database from start.

  • Database Upgrade Assistant: This tool assists us in updating our existing database to the latest Oracle version.

  • Oracle Net Manager: This utility assists us in configuring our Oracle network.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager: Oracle Enterprise Manager, a web-based interface, is our primary database management tool. We may use Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage our database once we’ve installed the Oracle software, created or upgraded a database, and configured the network. Oracle Enterprise Manager also has a performance advisor interface as well as an interface for Oracle utilities like SQL*Loader and Recovery Manager.