List of Digital Marketing Interview Questions: Technical Skills Questions

To ensure social media marketing success and streamline tasks such as scheduling social media posts, creating images and other content, analyzing the performance of your posts, managing multiple social media accounts across various social media channels, and more, digital marketers rely on a variety of tools. Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, FB Creator Studio, and Sprout Social are the best apps for scheduling content.

SEMrush is a valuable tool for content strategy and marketing. If the position you’re interviewing for involves a lot of social media, look over the job description to see if any specific tools or applications are mentioned, and be sure to mention them in your answer.

  • What is the best digital marketing KPIs to use, and how do you track them?
  • What is your go-to SEO strategy method?
  • What are some of the digital marketing products you’ve used before?
  • Describe a digital marketing campaign that you oversaw from beginning to end. What strategies did you use, what obstacles did you confront, and how did you succeed?
  • What do you think the most challenging aspect of internet marketing is?
  • What do you believe the next big thing in digital marketing will be?
  • What distinguishes a successful marketing email?
  • What criteria would you use to evaluate the success of a marketing email?
  • Describe a successful sales funnel you created.
  • Do you have any marketing automation experience?
  • Explain how you can tell if a digital marketing effort isn’t working.
  • What social media channels do you believe are the most appropriate for our company?
  • What strategy would you use to create a social media campaign?
  • How can you quickly increase traffic to our website?
  • Digital Marketing Checklist