List down some of the popular social media tools?

List down some of the popular social media tools ?

Here are some of the most-used social media tools used by some of the world’s top brands:

  • BuzzSumo: Tool that lets you find the most shared content and trending influencers.
  • Google Trends: A completely free tool that Google created to help anyone search for trending topics online.
  • Buffer Publish: To schedule social media posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.
  • Canva: To create beautiful images without a designer.
  • Unsplash: Massive library of free professional photos you can use — free!
  • Animoto: One of our go-to social media tools for quickly creating stunning marketing videos.
  • Feedly: To follow specific influencers and industry news, and Flipboard to keep up to date with bigger stories.
  • Buffer Reply: It’s a single inbox where you can see all of these conversations happening.
  • HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool: To schedule your posts, integrate your social networks with your blog, and monitor messages and mentions so you can nurture new leads.
  • Kicksta: An Instagram growth service that helps you get more organic followers on your Instagram business account.
  • Later: Lets you plan and schedule your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts.
  • Lightroom: A tool that lets you organize and edit photos.
  • Unfold: helps you create beautiful templates for Instagram stories.
  • Marketing Video Builder: Helps you make professional-tier videos to engage with audiences.
  • Design Wizard: Has a library of over a million multimedia graphics for inspiration and use.
  • Falcon: Allows you to create posts for social networks on a collaborative content calendar.