Link Repositioning in SEO?

A great tactic that comes recommended by Ross Tavendale in his [Weekly Wisdom on technical link building] — this is link repositioning.

This is not a tactic that is often talked about, but one that can be utilized relatively easily and help to make your existing links work harder.

Quite simply, analyze the links pointing to your homepage and pull down any that talk about specifics of the products or services that you offer. Ones that would be more suited to linking to an internal page in your site, rather than the homepage.

As Ross recommended:
What I would do is look at all of the links pointing to my home page and analyze that content to see if any of that is actually about our blue widgets.
Some of it probably is.
I would contact those people who have written about my blue widgets, and I would say, “Hey, you have linked to the home page. Thank you so much. You are an absolute legend, but it is a bad user experience. People are clicking, going to the homepage, and they can’t see what you have just written about my blue widget. So, can we get them to point to this one?”
And most of the time people are nice enough to update the link and actually put it to the landing page.
This is also a great tactic if you launch a series of regionally focused sites, having previously had just one global site.

Let’s say you launch a new website for your business that targets customers in the UK. Analyze your link profile and look for domains, then reach out and ask for these links to be updated to your new regional site.