Limitations of context filter in tableau

Limitations of context filter in tableau

Tableau has a large amount of information and data. It assists individuals in analyzing important data, understanding, and gaining insight into their business.

It is frequently used in the Business Intelligence Industry because it converts data into a clear and simply understandable format. It also generates a visualization to assist in analysis.


  • Context Filter Is Inconvenient For Constant Change: If you intend to locate several data sets by applying various filters under one umbrella filter that remains constant, then perhaps the context filter is the one for you. However, if you wish to change the umbrella filter often, a context filter will be inconvenient.

  • A Reload is Required When Changing Context Filters: When a context filter is added to a data source, it begins checking all accessible data and returns the outcome. This process of going through the data requires significant time. This happens every single time the user changes the context filter, and the reload makes it harder.

  • Changing the Context Filter Slows Down the System: When the context filter is changed, the system must go through the entire process of verifying the database, which slows it down.