Keyword Ranking in seo?

A keyword is a term that encompasses anything searched on a search engine. A single word or phrase is considered a keyword if it produces a results page on Google or any other search engine. To see results with this metric, your website and content need to be optimized to rank on top of search engines’ results for specific keywords and long-tail keywords.

A simple way to track your Google ranking for keywords related to your business or products is to do a Google search. The results will show you where your website ranks for said competitive keywords. The ultimate goal is to get on the first page and as close to the top of Google as possible, considering [more than 25% of peopleclick on the first Google search result.

To better understand your keyword performance and discover new relevant searches, you’ll want to conduct a [keyword gap analysis. With up to five competing URLs, we can help you identify which keywords you’re ranking strongly for, keywords where you’re weak, and untapped ones where your competitors are earning search engine rankings, but there’s some potential for your domain.