Key metrics to measure the success of paid search campaigns?

You were super excited to launch your [pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and start driving valuable leads for your business. After launching your campaign, you waited a few weeks to see if your campaign delivered any results. Now, when you log in, you’re immediately overwhelmed by all the PPC metrics.
The list of paid search metrics goes on, and you’re unsure what you should look at for your campaign.

Before you resort to tracking every metric in your dashboard, take a breath, and learn about the most influential [PPC metrics to watch On this page, we share five pay-per-click metrics you’ll want to monitor for your campaign.

These aren’t the only Google Ads metrics you’ll want to look at, but they’re fundamental to PPC.


The first metric we’ll look at is clicks.

This metric monitors how many clicks your ad gets. It’s a great metric to watch to see if your ad is generating interest and getting people to act. It can help provide insight as to whether your ad copy fits with the searcher’s query.
When you monitor clicks, you can see spikes or slumps in your clicks. These changes may occur due to seasonality or changes in your market. You’ll still want to keep track of how many clicks you get to ensure there aren’t any issues with your campaign.

Click-through rate (CTR)

When you’re trying to figure out which PPC campaign metrics are the best to monitor, you’ll want to add [click-through rate to your list. While it may seem like CTR and clicks are the same metric, they’re slightly different.

Cost per click (CPC)

Next on our list of paid search metrics

CPC is the amount you spend every time someone clicks on your ad.
It’s essential to monitor this metric because you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

You want your CPC to remain low so that you can get more ad clicks for your budget. Adjusting and optimizing your CPC will help you choose a reasonable bid that also allows you to maximize your budget.

Conversion rate

If you want to know how to measure PPC campaign success, start by adding conversion rate to your list of paid search metrics.

[Conversion rate

Cost per conversion

When you’re making a list of important PPC campaign metrics, don’t forget about the cost per conversion!

Cost per conversion focuses on how much it costs your business each time you get a conversion.

This metric is one of the most valuable paid search metrics because it shows whether you’re paying too much to get people to convert. tells you how often a click on your ad becomes a sale for your business, a lead, or an email subscriber. Having a high conversion rate means your ad content is relevant to the searcher’s needs and provides them with enough information to convert.
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