Journey from being a 6 pointer to getting Job at Microsoft

Hi , My name is Saif Ahmed currently working in Microsoft as a Software Engineer II.
There are many people who have cracked FAAANGM but this post is little different than others in the sense that I come from the bottom 10 percentile

I had 6.2 pointer,5th rank from the bottom in CSE department when the placement season arrived…
Goldman Sachs , Oracle , Rubrik , Samsung , Microsoft ,Intel ,Cisco etc… company came and went …I was just seeing the people getting placed…
And the companies in which I was allowed to sit came to be tougher to crack then the Day 1 companies
Overall I got rejected in 8 around companies and then got placed in the lowest CTC offered companies (Atleast I had a offer)
PS : When you don’t get placed in so called higher package company, people see you as failure(hard truth)

Then came the last semester in which we had to do internship. I was allotted IBM Security in Pune which had a good stipend and the probability of getting PPO was also high as told by our seniors.
During my stint at IBM I gave interview at couple of startup but failed to clear it.
Then came the worst day where we were informed that there will be no PPO from IBM this year.I could not imagine going to the company where I was placed .
But I had no choice

1 month in the company I cracked thhree companies SAP LABs ,Byjus and IBM ISL .
I joined IBM ISL.
After that My preparation started for FAANGM as I had made my mind to switch after 1 year.
“2 question everyday is better than 10 question in weekend”
I followed this approach and after 1.5 years I had offers from Oracle , PaytmMoney , Flipkart , Turvo and Microsoft