Job prospects as a Data Engineer?

  • Data engineers used to simply deal with distributed systems and Java programming, but now they must use AI, ML, and BI to handle data.

  • According to Sriram Narasimhan, Head of Data, Analytics, and AI at Cognizant, data engineers are the nerve center of digital strategy, as evidenced by recent market figures.

  • Companies realized they needed the necessary data architecture to undertake any meaningful research on the data after a large influx of Data Scientists. Companies have begun to invest in proper cloud infrastructure, data architecture, and the hiring of fresh data engineering expertise.

  • Data is everywhere and in various formats, and it must be polished in order to yield useful insights. Data engineers, as analytics specialists, are in charge of producing, cleaning, processing, and storing data so that it is ready for analysis.

  • According to the IDG Cloud Survey, which collects data from 551 large IT buyers, only 38% of their total IT environments are already on the cloud (2020).

  • These IT environments are predicted to be 59 percent cloud-based in 18 months. The same tech purchasers are investing 32% of their IT budget on cloud computing, amounting to $73.8M per Tech Firm (59 percent increase from 2018).