Is UX designer a Good Career?

Yes, UX design is a lucrative profession. UX Designers are one of the most in-demand roles in technology, with 87 percent of hiring managers citing UX Designers as a key priority.

UX Designer was recently recognized as the sixth most in-demand career in tech by job portal Indeed, and there’s reason to assume demand will continue to climb.

Another convincing reason to pursue UX design as a career is the high pay. Graphic designers earn $37,000 a year on average, compared to $89,000 for UX designers, according to Indeed.

UX Designers are also well-treated at work, according to Forbes, which classified it as the second-best career for work-life balance.

In every sector, UX Designers are in high demand. According to an Adobe poll of 500 managers and department heads, 87 percent of managers indicated their organization’s top priority is to employ more UX Designers, and 73 percent said they plan to hire more UX Designers in the next five years.

Almost two-thirds of respondents (63%) indicated they recruited five or more UX Designers in the preceding year.