Is there any Full Stack Development courses which provides pay after placement facilities?

There are numerous similar courses available in both online and offline formats, all of which guarantee 100% placement for students but one such course provides an option to the students to pay the course fees after getting placed.

DigiKull offers one such course that promises the student at least a salary of 5 lakhs per year and offers the option of paying 90% of the costs after being placed.

  • Complete help with job placement.
  • Build multiple capstone projects with your team over the course of the six-month program.
  • Industry-experienced mentors and trainers; no coding experience necessary; only a desire to master the latest digital technologies is required.

Placements and support are also guaranteed through other sources like as NIIT, Simplilearn, Webstackacademy, datatrained, and many others. However, if someone learns the tools of a full-stack developer and has confidence in themselves, they may get work on their own and are not reliant on any school or website for placement aid. As a result, I believe that students should focus on skills rather than placements because full-stack development is in high demand, and with enough skills, you can find work on your own.