Is there any Artificial Intelligence courses that provide pay after placement facilities?

There are various courses provided by premium institutes across the country which provide Artificial Intelligence courses but they do not provide a guarantee of placement or pay after placement facilities as the onus of getting placements is on students though they provide the necessary support. There are not many organizations that provide pay after placement facilities but there are some apps and platforms that have come up with pay after placements facilities and guaranteed placements. These are:

  1. Advanced PGP in Data Science and Machine Learning from NIIT- The stackroute program is designed for people with minimum or even no data science and machine learning knowledge and helps them learn about Machine Learning, NLP and Data Visualization and Bundling skills, while assuring them a package of minimum 5L rs.

  2. Applied AI course- The Applied AI course covers nearly 150 hours of learning with various course in Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning etc. which provides from basic to advance level knowledge. The course has tie-ups with various companies and provide a guarantee of placements

  3. Skill Enable Platform- The course is tailor made to cater the needs of the industry and its primary focus is on increasing the employability of the candidate. They also provide an assured placement after the course.

  4. IMAGECON India- The platform provides Job assured programs in various domains like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things with also providing coding classes in various languages.