Is oracle india a good place to work?

The following answer is given by the intern of the company and the response from his perspective.

I started as an intern at Oracle in 2021, and believe me when I say that it is the ideal place to start your career after graduating. If you want to work on cutting-edge wireless technology, Oracle is the place to be.

In recent years, Oracle has risen by leaps and bounds, mainly to groundbreaking mobile and internet services, particularly smartphones, tablets, and internet-enabled mobile devices.

Oracle responds quickly to changes, so none of the technology you’ll be working on with your peers and senior management will be outdated.

In fact, it will be cutting-edge and future technology, and you will be successful in a variety of work responsibilities.

Following are some points:

  • As a prominent brand name, Oracle has a solid, if not outstanding, work-life balance by allowing its workers to work in whichever way they wish.

  • But, as we all know, the first few years of a career are critical, so, in addition to the work-life balance, other elements such as innovative thinking and technical aptitude are also essential.