Is Operations Management relevant to all parts of the business?

  • Process management is not simply the responsibility of the operations unit. It is the responsibility of all functions.

  • Processes that create demand predictions, advertising campaigns, and marketing strategies, for example, will be found in the marketing department.

  • Other functions’ processes must be managed according to the same rules as the operations functions. Each function will have its own set of ‘technical’ skills. This is the technical understanding of financial reporting in marketing, and it is the competence in planning and structuring marketing programs in finance.

  • Each will, however, have a ‘process management’ responsibility, which will include the creation of plans, rules, reports, and services. The ramifications of this are critical.

  • To some extent, all managers are operations managers since they are responsible for managing processes.

  • They should all want to provide excellent service to their (often internal) consumers, and they should all want to do so quickly. As a result, operations management is applicable to all functions, and all managers should be able to benefit from its ideas, concepts, methods, and methodologies.