Is master degree required for getting into Data Science

If the question is ‘required’, then the answer is ‘no’, but if the question is if it helps, the answer is ‘yes’. Any master degree of science especially a stats or maths related or a relavant MBA for example will definitely help because of the following reasons:

  1. You have better outreach of the resume
  2. Your approach of data science is improved as you do projects / thesis work that are of masters level.
  3. You might have exposure to more stats and multivariate analysis related courses.

However, if you already have a job in data science, and just want to learn some knowledge more, masters degree might not add a drastic benefit.

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I’m of the opinion that formal education is always going to be a big plus when considering a profession. So in that light, I’d say that a MS in Data Science would definitely help secure a good position. That being said, my only concern is the timing of a long program at this point in time. Data science is very hot right now. In a couple of years, it might not be as hot. Not to worry though, the principles of data science, regardless of what you call them, will always be in demand.