Is LTI a good company to work for?

The following answer is from the perspective of a company’s current employee, and he is giving highlights of his experiences in the company.

I’ve been at L&T Infotech for a little over four years and believe I’ll be able to address your query adequately.

L&T Infotech is a mid-sized corporation that is rapidly expanding.

On the interior, the company is enormous, and it is easy to get lost once you are there.

L&T Infotech offers one of the best training programs for freshers. Following are the highlights of my work exp here:

  • We learned about C, C++, operating systems, and algorithms. It will be simple for you if you have a CSE/IT background. If not, you can always study hard and get assistance from your CS pals.
  • Specialization training - My class was divided into three groups: JAVA,.Net, and Mainframes. This is based on luck, and if you have already completed a certification in any technology during your college years, you may be able to receive what you desire; otherwise, you must accept whatever you are given.
  • After learning JAVA, we had to put it together in a project. We needed to create a working bank application. You are divided into groups and assigned to a specific module to complete. This is a unique opportunity.

Be open to everything, in my opinion. The only way to progress is to do so. L&T Infotech holds training sessions every other day at all of its locations. I understand that as a trainee, you don’t have much to do. Make use of this time to study new technology. Go to the library and check out a book to read. Attend training sessions. Develop your technical skills. You will be assigned to a project once you have gained the necessary knowledge.

As a trainee, you should use everything the organization has to offer.