Is it possible to to share blog automatically on Twitter?

The chances are that you already know how to share your blog posts on Twitter manually. You simply publish the article, paste in the Tweet text, write your comment, and hit Publish. When it comes time to do this for each of your blog posts, however, it can become quite a tedious task – especially if you have a schedule of publishing one post per week or every Monday/Wednesday/Friday as many bloggers do.
To make it easier (and less time consuming) to share all your newly published content on Twitter at once, there is an “automation” tool called IFTTT (If This Then That ) that allows you to set up recipes: actions that occur automatically when something happens with another web service. For example, if you have a Dropbox account and want to save all your Google Drive files to Dropbox, you can make an IFTTT recipe that will automatically move any new file from your Google Drive folder to the Dropbox folder. The possibilities for automation recipes are endless – and blogging is one of them!
Another popular use of IFTTT (and one which we’ll be focusing on today) is sharing blog post links on Twitter automatically when they go live. So instead of having to share each blog post manually after it’s published, IFTTT can spread all your posts at once for you. This saves time and makes sure more people see your content as soon as it goes live.