Is it possible to join Accenture through 3rd Party


  • Accenture has a recruitment program with incentives for assisting in recruiting qualified candidates. So, yes, someone can refer you and be compensated if you are hired. Accenture can also be contracted through a third-party company.


  • Such frauds are caused by a high demand for jobs and a lack of opportunities. If you use LinkedIn, you may have noticed numerous posts from CEO/COO/Directors/TA/HR of various companies requesting candidates to avoid falling victim to such scams. None of the well-established and globally recognized companies deal in such matters. They hire solely based on talent.


  • Whoever has committed this to you is undoubtedly profiting from your current situation.


  • Of course, Accenture hires people from third-party payroll, but you’ll be working as a Vendor for the company. According to this, you are on the vendor’s payroll and work at the client’s location. However, paying money in exchange for this is never a part of the recruitment process.


  • Furthermore, no company requires an advance deposit to provide a job. A company invited me for an interview, and they handled all of my travel arrangements.

Please be extra cautious and don’t let people mislead you. Keep Calm and Stay Safe.