Is it good to switch from TCS to Accenture?

Congratulations on receiving an opportunity from one of the largest IT companies in market capitalization. Accenture is a global company.


  1. In practice, TCS and Accenture are very different. Following a thorough examination, it is possible to conclude that this is dependent on several factors. And, once again, this is entirely subjective.

  2. Every IT company fires employees on short notice from time to time. On the other hand, TCS has a higher level of job stability than Accenture.

  3. PIP is required at some levels - account/factory, for example. At Accenture, it is not uncommon for a team to be recognized and awarded, only for a team member to be fired the following calendar year.
    Accenture currently has a variable pay rate of 27 percent. So, before investing time, carefully read the offer documents.


Accenture is a great organization to kickstart one’s career. But it’s not an organization to join when you’re in your forties. In general, work pressure would be much higher than that of a startup in some cases. The work quality is excellent, and the technology used is cutting-edge - in general, better than that of modern MNCs. The recognition and rewards for eligible are pretty lucrative - and they are not a far-fetched reality. These rewards can range from 17K INR to a MacBook in some cases.