Is it good to apply in accenture as a mechanical engineer?


It all boils down to personal predilection. The conspicuous explication is that it is unsuitable for a mechanical engineer because the work is entirely computer-cognate. However, there are other tasks, such as testing or support, independent of the type of engineer you are. It is merely a cycle of events.
However, the question is how long you would be able to perpetuate that work again and over again. You would become bored. Is making mazuma your sole motivation in life? I hope not, but you will not relish it at some point.


Let us move on to the second scenario. Mechanical engineers are plentiful among Accenture’s developers, and I am one of them. These males are fascinated with coding or development for sundry reasons, such as having played an inordinate quantity of video games as a child. You are just japing. So these are those men, but before you take this step, you require a rudimental understanding of C and Java; otherwise, you will be screwed.


You can withal cull the third alternative, which is to probe for a position where you can work on engines or whatever you like. If you cannot find work off college, consider pursuing a master’s degree, MBA, or MS and secure a job through placements. The cull is yours.