Is Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin?

The Etherium blockchain, unlike the Bitcoin network, was not designed to host a cryptocurrency. The Ether coin was designed to serve as an internal currency for Etherium-based apps.
To put it another way, Etherium has bigger plans. It aspires to be a platform for all types of apps that can securely store data. Despite their differences, the two are the founders of virtual currencies that have become competitors in the world of investment. And virtual currencies are exactly that: coins with no physical existence but are represented by a string of codes that may be traded at a price agreed upon by a buyer and seller.

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are cryptography-based systems. The main difference lies in the purpose. While the most commonly known purpose of Bitcoin is digital payments, Ethereum is supposed to be used for digital contracts. Both use encryption and time-stamping. Both imply currencies.

As Bitcoin is a currency within the Blockchain environment, Ether is currency within the Ethereum environment.
Ethereum also positions itself as a programming language (EtherScript), Bitcoin does not.

Well, to go past the details, in short, Bitcoin is an alternative currency, while Ethereum is the alternative law.