Is eClerx good for freshers?

They are a lot of comments about the company on their site, one can always go & check about the same. Though few of the comments were saying:

• Overall, the organisation is a wonderful place to learn and get experience for freshmen. In comparison to the market, the pay is quite cheap. Before moving jobs as an APM, you must work for the firm for at least 4-5 years.

• Freshers will like working at eClerx since they provide excellent training possibilities.
• It ensures employment security.
• It provides a safe and courteous workplace for all of its workers.

• Salary was modest in comparison to other organisations, but it was paid on time, and higher management was encouraging.
• One thing that irritates me is that the cab facility has extremely narrow and selective boundaries.

• It is dependent on the method you use. Some process managers are exceptional and have a thorough understanding of how to run a business. In my method, the manager is unaware of the procedure, and his duty is fulfilled by a team member. It’s a nice spot to relax, but there’s no room to expand.

• If you’re new to the Investment Banking Operations industry, Eclerx is a terrific place to start, and if you’re on the FM team, you’ll learn a lot about the Global Financial Markets. I had a fantastic time and am grateful to have gotten this position as my first.