Is datascience a hype or reality?

YES, definitely data science has gained alot of popularity in the recent years. But it’s not just a hype. It is one of the most promising careers one can pursue in today’s time.

With the increasing amount of data every second, data scientists are becoming the need of the hour and there is no about the fact that it will remain like this for the coming years as well. The main reason for it is that data science makes decision making and problem solving easier than traditional ways.

The hype is because the demand and supply of these skilled professionals does not meet and the demand is in a continuously rising state.

It’s a reality. The impact data science brings in for the business is significant, and people from business side don’t mind shelling off extra dollars for that impact. However, there are some serious points to bear in mind:

  1. You have to have sufficiently strong skills to impact the business (building a new product or maybe insights with ML / AI models or by just EDA) with your data.
  2. What you learn in “Data Science” might be over hyped than what you actually need to implement in reality. This is because there’s always a demand supply lag. So be prepared to constantly upskill yourself.
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