Is creativity or driving sales more important to you?

It’s often said that a good salesperson is a born seller. Usually, people think that the best salesperson is the one that’s the most extroverted, the one who has no problem starting an engaging conversation with a prospect. Since creativity isn’t a constant, make sure to capture it when it hits you.

You can answer this buy giving tips on the difference between creativity and driving sales:

  1. Market research vs user research : Through market research, you can validate a business opportunity, examine the economic forces at play by investigating key industry trends and the competition, and get an idea of your potential market size.

  2. Go-to-market strategy development vs creative direction : Marketing agencies and creative agencies also differ in the area of go-to-market strategy development and leading the creative direction of the strategy execution on various channels.

  3. Long-term branding vs specific targeting : Marketing agencies’ work revolves around seeking new avenues to market your business’ offering, reach specific audiences, and drive growth. Logically, this a necessary first step before embarking on design or involving a creative agency.

  4. Analytics vs creativity : If the data crunching by marketing agencies reveals the need to improve your design or recreate them entirely to get them to become more appealing to specific audiences or channels, creative agencies shine better for doing this.