Is coding required for data journalism?

The notion of data journalism is the use of data to convey stories. That is to say, you support your narrative with raw statistics. You achieve this by summing up the data, examining trends, and deducing meaning from it.
However, most of the time, the raw data isn’t in the right format or is inconsistent, and it might originate from a variety of places. Coding will aid in the consolidation, cleaning, formatting, and consistency of data.
You may do it yourself instead of depending on a technical staff by learning R or Python, which makes your job quick and easy.

As you play around with the data, you’ll see more trends and better stories emerge.

So, sure, coding is beneficial!

Yes, coding is required for Data Journalism.

Lets start with the basics here.

Data Journalism is a process of enhancing the news reports with the use of data analysis and statistics. So definitely programming is required.

For you help, i am mentioning a few set of skills required for a being a data journalist for your reference —

  1. Good communication and writing skills
  2. Programming skills
  3. Ability to be dynamic with content
  4. Building a process and network