Is becoming an NLP engineer a good career option?

• Many new positions and job descriptions have developed in the computer world in recent years, including NLP Researcher, NLP Engineer, and NLP Analysts.
• As an Applied Scientist and NLP Engineer, investing in Natural Language Processing as a career option is worthwhile based on two primary criteria:

  1. The vast number of new and existing positions for NLP engineers, both in the developed, underdeveloped countries around the world, is encouraging (since it can be always applicable to different Languages).
  2. The financial value of it as a career option in terms of how much money one is expected to make as an NLP engineer is on the higher end of the average engineer’s salary range. So, if choosing a career that will provide you with a strong source of money is vital to you, it is well worth it. It will help with financial independence and a stable career option in the developing world.