Is artificial intelligence a good career in India?

Artificial intelligence is on the verge of the rise and more companies are shifting towards the use of it. It has tremendous growth opportunities for individuals as well as companies. It was expected that the number of people employed in the field of Artificial Intelligence by 2020 would be 23 lakh. This number has been already surpassed. Since 2018, the need for Employers for employees in the field of Artificial Intelligence has increased nearly 3 times. The business value of AI is expected to reach to 3.9 trillion Dollars in 2022. The Highest Average salary paid in any domain was for Artificial Intelligence.

The companies hiring in the field of Artificial Intelligence are hiring both at the entry-level as well as the senior level. Nearly 4000 positions are empty due to a lack of required talent. In the US also, the BLS has predicted that the year-on-year growth for the jobs in the AI field would be around 31.4% which is the highest among all the other sectors. Salaries in the field are also high compared to others and the scope for growth is tremendous. The estimated number of jobs added by Artificial Intelligence would touch 133 milllion by the year 2024.