Is Accenture a good place to start your career if you wish to go into Data Science in the future?

  1. Magnification is the single most crucial thing to fixate on in your first job.
    Consider how you would progress at a sizably voluminous consulting firm like Accenture. When I verbalize “grow,” I’m referring to expanding your adeptness set. In the technology field, your income is customarily determined by your faculties.

  2. Accenture can provide you with a venerable beginning pay, but what kind of tasks will you be given? In more minute companies, you’ll customarily gain a lot more hands-on experience because you’ll be given a plethora of obligations right away. Withal, keep in mind that Accenture’s primary business is consulting. Many of their consultants devote more time to report inscribing than technical work.
    I’d still take it if you didn’t have any other offers and fixate on learning as much as I could about data science both on and off the job.