Is a degree in engineering worth it knowing that most of them will end up working for IT in India?

Its not easy flying a Fighter. Its certainly risky, it requires tremendous skills and it also requires a sharp mind. Very few, one in a million fly a fighter.

On the other hand, driving a two wheeler is less risky, its easy and its not bad even if you are one in two people. Infact probably driving a two wheeler pays more than being a fighter pilot.

Never mind that you trained to fly, but even driving a two wheeler is driving right? So what, iam still driving, that is, on the ground.

That defines our mindset. We dont mind driving an Ola if it pays more. However we forget how important engineering is to our economy, to our job satisfaction and to the entire world we live in.

We forget that IT is only a secondary occupation that just supports other primary occupations. IT can never make things, it will always be a software and virtual !

To make it worse our education system has glamourised IT by making software the No 1 choice in Engineering choices. Top students are handed over Computer science and the next level selects Electronics or Mechanical. So whats the message conveyed here? Computers is better than Mechanical. Is that what we want our students to learn? That one stream is better than the other? This year my niece wanted to take chemical engineering in ICT and she got the seat easily because the competition is for IT. What about metallurgy? Oh, its the last degree chosen because its of no use in real life right? Metallurgy and not useful? Are you kidding me? Thats the respect we give to engineering. But we still want to travel in safe Aircrafts (marvels of Metallurgy), fastest cars (marvels of Mechanical engineering), live in structurally strong houses (Civil eng) and use the latest and most powerful computers (Electrical engineering) but let someone else study them because it is tough.