Interview Experience of Goldman Sachs ( Off Campus Offer )

Position: Goldman Sachs Software Engineer

2 x Phone Interviews ( 1 hour each )
1 x Blue Jeans ( 1 hour )
1 x Onsite (if passed all above) (4 interviews back to back)

The recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn and we shared contact information. I sent over my resume and later was contacted via email to move further into the process and set up a time for an interview. I provided some dates and times that would work for me and they chose one of those and set up a phone interview.

Phone Interview x 1 (1 hour):

During the first phone interview, I selected C++ as my coding language, first 10 mins were a Resume chat and then over to technical questions. Code share using Coderpad. The interviewer could not differentiate between C and C++ so gave me C instead. I solved the problem and we moved on to a different problem. Once that was done I was told that I’d be contacted for the next steps.

Later was contacted back by a recruiter after two weeks to set up the next phone interview and Blue Jeans.

Phone interview x 2 (1 hour) :

Same process as the first phone interview but this time I was given C++ and solved the question. I would say easy/medium leetcode question. Right after this, I had Blue Jeans which was a behavioral video interview.

Blue Jeans (1 hour) :
Blue Jeans round is one where you are interviewed by a team from any other location of the company. For Example, If you’re applying for Goldman Sachs India, you might have your Blue Jeans round taken by a team from Goldman Sachs New York Office or London Office.

During this round, one of the engineers asked me questions regarding why I wanted to join GS etc., and some other random technical questions such as Python vs C++, etc. I was told I would be contacted for the next steps at the end of the Blue Jeans interview.

Got a call about a week later from the recruiter saying they decided not to move forward. But if I would have been selected it would have been an onsite round next.