Interview Experience of Amazon for SDE-1 ( Off Campus Offer )

Status: New grad
Position: SDE1 at Amazon
Location: Bangalore, India

1. Online Coding round:
This round was taken on the HackerEarth platform consisting of 20 MCQs and 2 programming questions. MCQs were from the basic concept of Operating System, Data structure, DBMS, and probability.

  • First coding problem was related to string manipulation.
  • Second one was a Leetcode medium question on Graphs and traversals.

2. F2F interview round 1 (duration 45 mins):
I was asked 2 Questions which I was able to solve easily. Questions were :

  • Rectangles overlap or have no problem
  • A use case of the LCS problem

3. F2F interview round 2(duration 60 mins):
In this round, I was asked one question from LeetCode Medium on Dynamic Programming and another question on converting a Binary Tree.

  • Leetcode medium question on Dynamic Programming: Palindromic substring
  • Convert a Binary tree to DLL

4. Managerial round (duration 30 mins)
The managerial round was pretty easy and the Interviewer made me feel welcome as well and asked me questions like :

  • Why Amazon?
  • Your strength and weaknesses and behavioral questions.
  • Design a parking lot.

In all of the interviews, I was asked about overall time and space complexity, so it’s very important to keep an eye on optimizing your solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think of two or more data structures or algorithms to resolve the problem.
  • Time control is very important, you only have 45 mins. Discussion is good but don’t spend too much time thinking.

Result: Overall Interview Process was good and I got selected for SDE-1.