Interview Experience-NMIMS

NMIMS happens to be one of the sought-after private institutions for pursuing MBA programs, with years of experience and location in the financial capital of the country working hugely in its favor.

The following experience is about the one related to their HR program. After waiting for some time in the waiting room, you will be granted entry into the meeting room. It generally has 3 panelists, who will be asking you questions either one by one or taking turns once the others have done with their set.

Once entering the room, I exchanged greetings with the panelists. We began with introduction part, and I used this as an opportunity to tell them something about my upbringing in different places of Eastern part of the country because of the nature of my father’s job, my graduation college, my work experience and my hobbies and areas of interest.

They ask me the meaning of my name. I explain them the literal meaning of my first name and why my parents combined it with my second name, corelating it with my native place. They then asked me something about my native place and what according to me was some of the most core problems that plagued it. After I had answered them, they asked me how would I approach those problems if I was put in charge.

Since it was an interview for the HR program, I tried my best to involve HR elements into my answers. Soon, the discussion was shifted towards my work experience and the domain I worked in. I explained that I worked in the field of data analysis as an application development analyst in a prominent Information Technology and Software company, with a telecom giant as the client.

They asked me what were the issues I faced during my stay with the company, and how was I able to see them through. I once again used the “Training” and “Staffing” component of the Human Resources Management of my company and how it helped me in being committed towards my career and company goals, along with the efforts from my side. I also mentioned the company used the “training” and other components to regularly update the skills of the employees so they would stay relevant in the competitive world.

They also asked me how I felt my work environment was. I explained it as a safe and encouraging one, with ample scope like parties and group exercises to build team confidence and bonding. This was followed by asking me how did I fit into the HR role. This I answered using various examples of my life where I had used my skills in personal and professional capacity to motivate a group of people I was working with to achieve a target. I had to do this because I did not have any formal work experience or educational background in the field.

After this, they informed me about the conclusion of the session and I left the room after exchanging greetings.