Interview Experience-IIM Ranchi

Though being a recent IIM in comparison to the other giants in the league, IIM Ranchi has some nice things to offer and they are one of the first in the IIMs to provide a specialization program in Human Resources.

A very important part of the interview is to make yourself or life interesting to talk about with the panelists. Having being grown up in various regions of Eastern India because of the nature of my father’s job, including Ranchi which happened to have a town of my relatives and family friends also helped the ball rolling. This formed the basis of my answer to the question that revolved around the question “Why chose Ranchi?”.

My brief introduction gave them an idea that I was interested in History, Art and Culture. So, they asked me how I could relate a chapter of History with the city and the surrounding region, with which I answered the Modern History segment about the legendary Birsa Munda, who happens to be a very revered figure around the area and played an important part in revolting against the British rule.

They asked me if I was in touch with my graduation topics. I answered in negative. It is better to be honest with them regarding something, rather than bluffing and getting caught with your pants down. I explained how I had been away with the concepts for some time now, given that my work experience also was more into the Information Technology and Data Analysis and Business Intelligence segments. But I did mention some of the basic communication concepts of mobile networking I wan in touch with given the client in my work place was a telecom giant.

Budget and Economic Survey was a hot topic and some questions related to it eventually found its way here. I was thorough with all the main facts and figures and I guided my way through it. When asked about a particular sector I would emphasize on if I were the policy maker, I said education and Health, with the reason behind them being the saturation of the service sector job market, which can and will be eased if we concentrated on these still mostly untapped sectors with not only job creation, but getting the fundamentals of human life quality correct.

After this, my interview session was concluded and the panelists asked me to leave and we exchanged greetings.