Interview experience for Java Developer in KPMG?

The KPMG interview process consists of two rounds: technical and human resources. In the technical phase, questions will be asked from the job profiles we are applying for, which in our case will be Java. In the human resources round, questions will be basically the same.

I’m presuming you’re a recent graduate looking for a career in java development.
To begin, I would advise you not to limit yourself to a particular technology because it will limit your prospects. If you still want to work in Java, then follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Learn a lot about multithreading, and it doesn’t simply mean learning about wait synchronize and notify. However, knowing how to build a scalable and performant solution to a problem is essential.

  • Get solid hands-on experience with collections, as well as internal workings of all collections.

  • Hands-on experience with Java 8 parallel streams, lambdas, and so on.

  • You should be very adept at designing applications. After 5 years, people expect developers to make solid design judgments.