Interview experience for campus placement for Morgan Stanley?

There are many interview experiences online & you can do some of your own research & find the same. Though here is one such example:

Recently Morgan Stanley Visited their Campus and this is their Interview Experience
Round 1:
This round comprised of 15 multiple-choice questions (both aptitude and technical) and two coding questions. Aptitude questions are difficult, therefore practice is essential, whereas technical MCQs, such as data structures and c++ questions, are simple (program will be given and we should guess the output).

Questions about coding: 1) Given an odd integer, we can swap any two digits just once.

The goal now is to discover the largest even number that can be produced following the constraints listed above.
In this case, the input is 121 and the output is 112.

Five key values underpin everything they do. Morgan Stanley is guided by five key ideals in everything they do.
Do the right thing putting clients first, leading with amazing ideas, committing to diversity and inclusion, and giving back to the community.

Round 2:
This round focuses primarily on problem-solving abilities.

  1. Given an array of people ids and a date, which represents people who are signing in for a specific website at that time.

We must now respond to the following questions.
a) Find the total number of unique users who have logged in to the website so far.
b) Find the total number of persons who have logged in more than five times.
c) Find the day with the most users logged in so far; and so on.

  1. In this question, they were asked to explain the AVL tree’s operation as well as the code. (First Set|Second Set)
  2. Binary search in a linked list has a lot of problems about the time complexity, and we also must return the index in the linked list where the element is present.
  3. A few of the questions about candidates’ projects
  4. A few operating system concepts, such as context switching and paging, as well as a few files management questions
  5. Some C++ concepts surrounding virtual functions and how the compiler implements them.

Round 3: This round is a group activity round in which we are given some lego blocks and one must come up with an innovative solution. They’re focusing on team management abilities in this round.

Round 4: This is a design round in which we must create a parking lot system. The interviewer is mostly looking for us to identify the classes and their interactions. Many questions were asked in this round, which lasted about an hour, and after that, the interviewer primarily focused on C++ and OS ideas.

5th round: Finally, I got to the HR phase, where I was given some basic HR questions.
1)What is Morgan Stanley’s purpose?
2)Why should I hire you? and similar questions