Interview experience for campus placement for KPMG?

There would be 3 rounds in total :


  • The aptitude test could be completed at your leisure. It includes quants, logical thinking, data interpretation, and vocabulary questions (about 35-40 questions). The test was held on their own premises and was proctored via webcam.

  • The remaining questions concentrate on Business Skills and expertise including situational questions (90 questions).

Round 2:

  • There would be a set of 6-8 persons for the GD, based on the total students that applied.

  • The question, “Can A.I. ever outdo human intelligence?” was assigned to many teams in this round. The topic assigned is also determined by the role for which you have applied.

Round 3: Interview with a tech and a human resources representative

  • I began the interview by introducing myself, bringing the panelists through my CV in depth, and stressing areas that I thought everyone should be aware of.

  • The HR representative then inquired about my readiness to travel to client sites and my family history, and that was the end of it.

  • The second panelist then questioned me about my projects, my contributions to them, and the considerations that led to the selection of that specific project idea.