Interview experience for campus placement for eClerx?

So, let me tell you experience of an employee of eClerx, who was currently placed at eClerx. He has shared some of his interview experience & also some tips for those who are looking for getting placed at eClerx or wish to do job at eClerx in the future.

Background of the interviewer: he was a UnsaidTalks Interviewer.

Background of the interviewee:

Graduation: CSE

Duration of course: 4 years

Year of passing: 2021

Profile offered: Digital Marketing Developer – Internship with PPO

Location for the job: Mumbai

CGPA cutoff: 7

Questions asked to the interviewee:

  • The first question asked was regarding introducing him to the interviewers.
  • The second question was to describe your written test experience, including the number of rounds, specifics for each round, and the sort of exam platform you used ( If online mention the type of test platform eg. Hackereart, CoCubes, Amcat etc).
  • Describe all of your technical interviews, including the number of rounds and the specifics of each round (if applicable) (please share coding questions if possible).
  • Describe all of your HR interviews, including the number of rounds and the specifics of each round.
  • The most important aspects to consider before making your decision.
  • What, in order of importance, should students concentrate on?
  • Juniors’ technical skills should be developed, according to advice.
  • What function do extracurricular activities and engagement in societies have in your opinion?
  • Is there anything more you’d like to say to your juniors?