In this age of Social Media, do we really need email marketing?

There are many social media platforms available but email marketing gives many other benefits over social media marketing. Some of the benefits are:

i. Limitations of social media: It’s not necessary that your targeted audience is present on social media platform. 94 percent of internet users use email so there are more chances of people seeing your e-mail rather than the social media page.

ii. Customization: Through social media platforms it is not possible to send customized messages while you can do this in the email. It offers a personal touch which increases the chances of conversion.

iii. Target Audience: By emailing you can contact the correct target audience as you can segregate them as per their age, income, likes, etc.

iv. Reporting and Analytics: You can know the open rate, bounce rate, conversions, click through rates which the email offers for reporting and analytics.

v. Opt-In email: This is the email which is sent to the receiver with his /her permission. Here the reply or conversion rate is higher and it shows that you respect the receiver’s privacy.